Satun Dive Resort

Diving Equipment

Before heading out on a dive, make sure you have this essential scuba diving equipment.

Diving Equipment

Diving equipment is essential for safe and enjoyable scuba diving. This includes a dive mask to see clearly underwater, fins to help with propulsion, a snorkel to breathe at the surface, and a regulator to control the flow of air from the scuba tank. A wet suit or dry suit is also necessary to keep the diver warm in cold water. Other important equipment includes a diving computer to monitor dive time and depth, a buoyancy control device to help the diver control their ascent and descent, and a diving weight belt or integrated weight system to help the diver achieve neutral buoyancy. Dive lights and other specialized equipment may also be necessary depending on the type of diving being done.

Diving Boats

Experience the beauty of Thailand’s marine life on a long tail boat diving day trip. Departing from the beach early in the morning, the boat takes you on a scenic journey along the coast, passing picturesque islands and stopping at some of the best dive sites in the area. The boat is equipped with all the necessary diving equipment, including tanks and weights, and there is a trained dive instructor on board to guide you through the dive. The dive sites vary in depth and difficulty, so there is something for divers of all levels. Between dives, you can relax on the boat, enjoy a snack, and take in the stunning views. The trip concludes in the late afternoon, with plenty of time to reflect on your amazing diving experiences.

Water sports

Besides diving,Our resort is proud to offer a wide range of water sports for our guests to enjoy during their stay. From kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding to snorkeling, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Our experienced staff will provide all the necessary equipment and instruction, ensuring that your water sports experience is both safe and fun.

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There’s nine individually designed rooms by local artists which look and feel completely unique.