Koh Lipe

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With shallow nursery reefs, dramatic wall dives, and everything in between, Lipe really has something to offer to every type of diver.

Explore diving in Koh Lipe

With around 25% of the world’s tropical fish species along with dugongs, dolphins, whale sharks, minke and sperm whales, Koh Lipe is a real-life utopia for divers. Rocky formations, pinnacles and boulders are the backdrop to Koh Lipe’s reefs of flourishing soft and hard coral. No matter how many dives you make here, it won’t be enough.

You’ll see plenty of trevallies, snapper and fusilier whilst diving in Koh Lipe. Devil and eagle rays swim past and lucky divers spot coral cat sharks hiding. Macro lovers have plenty of opportunities to find shrimp, pipefish, nudibranch and seahorses.

Eagle rays, leopard sharks, devil rays, mantas, barracuda and tuna grace the pristine waters: diving in Koh Lipe is unmissable.

When to dive in Koh Lipe

Scuba diving in Koh Lipe can be enjoyed all year. The island’s dry season runs from November-April with the driest months in December-February. Water temperature throughout the year ranges from 26-29°C. Visibility varies from 10 to 30m.

With higher levels of plankton in the water between May and September, diving in Koh Lipe during these months gives you the highest chance of seeing a whale shark.

After the sun has set wander down to the beach away from the fluorescent lights of beachside restaurants and look for the sparkling blue dots washed up on the sand. Bioluminescent plankton glows like fireflies in the darkness. For any marine enthusiast, this experience is mind-blowing.

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Sites like Honeycomb Reef and Talang Bay are the perfect spots for beginners to try diving with a Scuba Dive or get their license with the Open Water Diver Course.   Some of the deep pinnacles including Stonehenge, 8 Mile Rock & our local wreck make for an exciting and memorable experience for Certified Divers. 

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